"Building Bridges for Newcomers to Canada"



Educational and Professional Development

Are you looking to start your new career? Do you wish to continue with your career in Canada? Are you not sure what career could be good for you? We can help you get on track with your future career.

Career and Employment Support

Are you still looking for your dream job? Do you need to build your perfect resume? Have you prepared for your interview? Do you have recruiters helping you search? We can help you find the right for you.

Community and Cultural Initiatives

Are you looking for opportunities to get involved within Canadian society? Would you like to volunteer your time and effort for those in need? Do you need to get oriented into Edmonton and Alberta? We can help you achieve these goals.

Immigration and Personal Support

Are you looking for trustworthy immigration advice for permanent residency, family sponsorship, work, and visitor permits? Do you need information for any personal, family, or work-related problems? We can provide you with the truthful answers and support to help you solve concerns.



"We believe in...

Honesty and Integrity

"Honesty is our commitment to customers who rely on us. New Hope ESL evaluates all of its programs and services to ensure their integrity. Our management is thorough and skilled, participating and adding value at various stages of project development."

Building Long-Term Relations

"Some of our members have worked with us since the day we founded New Hope ESL and continue to use our services. In addition, the satisfaction and success of these clients have often led to many new referrals of their friends and family members"


"We are continuously communicating with the most important member of our organization: the individual. We hold meetings regularly to update the progress of their process and progress by analyzing and managing the different requirements and changes if needed. Listening to our clients and dispelling their doubts is as important to us as the project itself."

"Let us be the bridge to  your new life in Canada."

"Building Bridges for Newcomers to Canada"

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