About Our Logo

Supportive Arms What is most important in the success of our student population in seven years operation as New Hope ESL is our supportive environment. New Hope has always been known as the ‘small school with the big heart’ As seen in the outstretched and supportive arms of our logo, volunteers and staff here. The main function of our society is to build a volunteer base which is broad and diverse enough to have matching mentors for each of our ESL Prep Training mentees. These volunteers mentors are crucial to the successful  outcomes of the  mentees as they progress from prep training to completion of their probation period at their new jobs. We expect to see many long term friendships form from these relationships. Maple Leaf In the centre  of the NHRI logo is the symbol of Canada. And all that’s Canadian. Our version of the symbol is an abstracted version than the original as we encourage the uniqueness of each of our members and students contributions. It’s our aim to provide the knowledge and practise of the culture and language which identifies us from other global counties. The sharing relationships between members in our society is expected to be a major factor in the successful integration and assimilation of all our members. The Arch NHRI is an umbrella organization which encompasses and expands the services of our adult ESL school. In addition to assisting our members with the security and stability of better wages, and work conditions, our members can now connect with resources for immigration, health, family, school and  community involvement. The Shield We called our society an institute  because of the strength and respect known with being an institutions. For years we tossed around the idea of having a symbol we could wear and be proud hence our logo is completed by being a crest. It’s our badge of honor and a promise to our membership of our promise of protection and provision. About Our Society What is Resettlement? A resettler is a child or adult who is a refugee, newcomer, immigrant or relocating citizen to a country or community  in which they are a minority of a new culture.  It suggests that this person has an interest in assimilating into the new culture and language of their new home area. Resettlement is that process. NHRI was founded on the recognition that there were many women , and especially mothers who were struggling with making ends meet with attending our New Hope ESL classes, working and maintaining a home and raising children during resettlement. So, after researching and networking with other community settlement agencies we found  where we can  best meet our members  needs and fill the gap  in the Edmonton and area services  with one semester ESL  preparation courses to start in their chosen field. We currently offer placement and programs in four areas   a) construction                                                                                                                                                    b) hospitality                                                                                                                                                        c) home based services                                                                                                                                    d) office administration                                                                             For more information about our program areas contact our staff at  [email protected]           Or call (780) 757-8375 See below for training level opportunities:  Training Levels:                                                                                                       A.        Once students reach CLB 5+ they can continue with academic programming for entry into college, university or at NAIT with our IELTS program.                                                                                                                           Or to get Permanent Residency by passing the CELPIP test. Once students achieve 6+ they also qualify for mentoring grants into professional and entrepreneurial programs.

B.        Students who achieve over 4+ may qualify for some government funded  which covers their tuition and living costs for programs at other organizations


C.        For New Hope Resettlement Institute our entry level for these courses  is a CLB 3 level and we expect that within three to four months our students will have learned enough content and skills to pass the safety tickets or licenses required to begin working in an entry level job.

For more information and to register see <Membership> or contact us at    780-757-8375 and [email protected]