"Our diverse communities
define who we are,
enrich or lives,
and make us unique."




We can connect you with the right volunteer placement, which can help you obtain work-related skills, experience, and further growth in your field. Our programs’ main goals are:
  • Training: Improve your English and skills related to your field by finding the volunteer position suited for you. 
  • Placement: With our range of connections in many fields, we will can help reach the right placement; Healthcare, Education, Administration, Hospitality, and more.  
  • Orientation: Before your training, we can get you well-prepared for success at your placement by introducing and preparing  you with the language and skills you will need. 

Driver's Education

Prepare for your knowledge and practical exam.


Prepare for your exam, learn about Canadian culture, and history (in English)

Foreign Languages

Spanish, Chinese, Ukranian, Arabic, and more.

Classes and

Cultural Exchange

Whether newcomers or born and raised in Edmonton our students, clients, members, volunteers, and supporters share in Canada’s rich multicultural diversity.  Our programs’ main goals are:
  • Educational: Learn more about Canada’s social values, customs, and culture.
  • Events: Participate in some of our yearly Canadian cultural activities.
  • Language Drop-Ins: Learn some of our many foreign languages such as Spanish, Ukranian, Mandarin, Arabic, and more. Days and times will be posted.

Community Orientation

City Orientation

Public facilities; Libraries, Health Clinics, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Parks

Public Services

Service Canada, Registries, Rental services, Recreational Centres, and others.

Translation Services

Spanish, Ukranian, Chinese, Arabic, and others.

Guidance Counselling

Knowledge and advice in these areas can improve your lifestyle. Let our team of experts help you find what you will need to manage those problems. Some of our counselling areas are:
  • Family Support: Cultural adjustment; social services; guidance. 
  • Financial Services: Debt counselling, budgeting and planning, and managing finances. 
  • Personal Support: Guidance counselling; social services; Legal advice. 

"Building Bridges for Newcomers to Canada"

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