Membership has its privileges. We have many opportunities for you to join our dynamic organization and contribute your knowledge and skills as well as learn new competencies. You could also become a mentor to one of our newcomers in Canada or immigrants in our community looking for placement jobs and new connections. Maybe you could be an international student and you would like to volunteer to gain practicum experience or make new friendships or get help. Or you could just want to lend a hand in our offices, fundraising or help with cultural activities. There is a place for you.
Becoming a member has other privileges too. Our members receive a 10% discount on our internationally recognized conversion improvement Native Accent online program.
We also offer a 10% discount to members on the following offers:

  • facility rental and non-regular classroom space
  • courses and additional materials
  • administration and staff services
  • testing and career advice
  • student volunteer practicum courses
  • courses, workshops, seminars and other community activities
  • website- discount, product or service presentation and membership access.
  • unlimited use of our career search computer lab

    By becoming a member you also support our organization in meeting its administrative and training costs. We value your commitment and support in helping us grow to be able to serve you better. We would also love to invite you to our meetings too. So what are you waiting for? Join this wonderful opportunity and sign up for your membership now.

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