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The CELPIP is a computerized English proficiency exam. It is a Canadian based exam, so it mainly tests Canadian English in context. It is offered throughout Canada and several other countries (the USA, China, India, the Philippines, and others). It is mainly used for immigration purposes.

The CELPIP Test has two formats:

The General format tests Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. This version is used for immigration, professional, and other educational purposes.

The General LS format tests only Listening and Speaking. This version is the one used for Citizenship.

About these materials

These materials have been used by NHE since 2015 to help students achieve their goals on the CELPIP exam. They have been adapted into CELPIP content through the use of numerous ESL resources used in our ESL courses.

These materials follow the the format of the CELPIP exam and provide suitable content related to exam, which will enable the student to expand their knowledge and comprehensive skills for the exam.

There are numerous vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening, reading, and speaking exercises, which will help build English as a second language.

Please note; these materials are not the official materials found on the CELPIP website (those materials are highly useful for exact exam format and content; visit the celpip.ca site for more information)

Free resources: You will find exam practice material in each section of the exam. Follow the link in the main menu.

Build Vocabulary

Every exam section includes vocabulary lessons to help you build your vocabulary for the listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections.

Build Listening Skills

The listening sections include comprehension building activities, which will help you improve your test taking abilities.

All listening sections include Following Dialogue practice, which will enable students to improve their ability to follow conversations and lectures.

Build Reading Skills

Every exam section includes reading comprehension exercises, which will enable the student to improve the reading skills necessary for exam success.

Build Grammar

The speaking and writing sections include grammar lessons, which enable the student to improve grammar for these sections.

Build Writing Skills

The writing section includes exercises to help students build sentences required for the writing sections.

Free Resources: Visit each section of the exam in the main menu to practice our exam material.

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"Building Bridges for Newcomers to Canada"

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