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The CLBs - Canadian Language Benchmarks

These courses follow the guidelines and standards set by the Canadian English as a second language standards. They are available from Beginner to Advanced and you will be placed in a class which is suitable for your level. These courses focus on the four main components of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We offer courses from CLB 1 to CLB 7; after which students can progress to CELPIP or IELTS Academic courses depending on their needs. Please see the levels image at the bottom for more details on the levels.

Course Length

Each course generally runs 16-weeks; or one semester.

Entrance Requirement

Students write an entrance exam to determine their level. In general, 70% in the current course is required to advance to the next level.


Students are able to challenge the level exam to advance after 8-weeks in each leveL.

English Level Comparisons




Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program- CELPIP

This exam has been accepted as the national exam of Canadian English in context. The exam results are accepted for immigration purposes and they are also accepted by several educational institutions. Our CLBEnglish program incorporates CELPIP supplementary material into the curriculum to familiarize students with the exam. It is important to note that our courses use adapted CELPIP material, which is non-level based; the level of each student is determined by their result on the exam.

Course Length

There is typically no exact duration for these courses, but in general students demonstrate an increase of 1 or 2 levels after completion of a 16-week course, or one semester.

Entrance Requirement

CLB 4 is required to enter a CELPIP course. Students write an entrance exam to determine their level.


Monday - Friday


International English Language Testing System- IELTS

This program offers the General exam, which is accepted for immigration purposes in Canada; and also, the Academic exam, which is accepted by most educational institutes around the world. Our courses provide full exam practice of listening, reading, writing, and speaking sections of the exam. They also incorporate real exam content with the most recent writing and speaking topics.

Course Length

The IELTS encompasses a broad range of themes from Environmental issues to Personality Assessment. For this matter, the complete IELTS course includes 16-main themes and would take a full-semester 16-weeks.

Level Required

An initial IELTS Band of 4 on the IELTS Academic.

The English proficiency level required to enter these universities, technical schools, and colleges.

CLBA 4-9: Some programs; CELPIP 4-9, some programs; IELTS 6-7, some programs.
IELTS Academic 6.5 for most programs.
IELTS Academic 6-6.5 most programs.
IELTS Academic 6.5 for degrees; 6 for some diplomas.
IELTS Academic 6.5 for all programs.
CELPIP 7-9 some programs; IELTS Academic 6.5, most programs.

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